Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Art for Ethiopia

An organization called Ethiopian Orphan Relief held a fundraiser for Children's Heaven Saturday. You may recall that we spent a fair amount of time at Children's Heaven, and a lot of time with its founder, Hanna Fanta, when we were in Ethiopia.

The benefit was called Art for Ethiopia, and the goal was to raise funds to help Children's Heaven build an actual, permanent building in Addis Ababa for the teenaged girls they serve. (Children's Heaven currently puts up temporary buildings made of tarps and other materials, which the Ethiopian government occasionally makes them take down....)

We went to the benefit and had a good time. (Well, Amelia thought it was a bit too crowded and noisy, but it was her first fundraiser, so she's not yet experienced at these things.) Hanna Fanta is visiting the U.S. right now (a requirement for her U.S. Visa), and she was at the fundraiser. It was soooooo wonderful to see her!

We picked up some art for such a great cause. Amelia loved one of the pieces in her daddy couldn't stop himself from getting it for her. (Dads and daughters...what can I say?) Ethiopian Orphan Relief had set a "high" goal of raising $10,000. We heard today that $12,800 was raised. That's so fantastic!

Here's Amelia at "Art for Ethiopia," taking time out for a little snack.
(I think she was stress-eating.)

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