Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
What could be better than an Ethiopian welcome, FOVC style?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No, it's not my position in a twenty-person unicycle race!

Or Dave's place in a nineteen team dogsled trek!

It's how many years we have been married.

Yesterday was our eighteenth wedding anniversary.

Now I understand why "old people" (you know, those people who used to seem old when I was young...but who, looking back, were actually pretty young, because they were, back then, the age I am now!) always say the years fly by. Because it seems like just yesterday that Dave and I committed to one another for life.

*Marginal photo taken with phone because I didn't have my camera. Why ever would I have a camera if I wasn't with the kids?

We celebrated with a lovely meal at Colterra (if you haven't been there, and you live around here, you must go!), and a big new dining room table at home....we love making memories with family and friends around our dining room table.

Happy anniversary, Dave!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What I (Allison) learned at Kanakuk

Kanukuk was amazing! I had a great time! What I thought was perfect about this camp was that it was a good blend of fun and heart touching seriousness. At this camp, I grew very close to God and I know He will become my best friend! It felt like the counselors were custom-made for what they were teaching or who they were counseling. The kampers were all very kind and outgoing, they made many of the first-timers feel welcome. By the second day, everyone had made very close friends. The activities were perfect and extremely fun, my favorite activities included sailing, dancing, and blobbing.

At kamp, I remember the endless dance parties, the girls learned countless dances to songs such as, "Battle Field" and "Pump up the Party."

On the more serious side, we had Joe White come and talk to us about being "I'm Third," which means God is first, others are second, and I'm third. Joe White is an amazing person and his speech was life changing. My family and I are already applying it to our lives. We are already becoming happier and closer.

We also had a purity talk which filled me with comfort and relief because I learned that God has a perfect love being prepared for me since before I was born and I should never worry about impressing a boy, how I look in front of a boy, or bothering with a boyfriend. God's greatest gift to humans on earth is a perfect love that is completely wonderful. The only way myself or any girl can have this perfect love is if we already have a perfect love with God. God is like a jealous guy and he will not let anyone step in between me and Him until he knows that no one could ever replace the love between us. That speech was a load off my shoulders because after this, I have no plans on being worried about guys. =)

The last and most important thing that happened at Kamp is this, my cabin and I were giving our testimonies and praying about them, every other girl had big problems and needed help and love badly. But I didn't. When it was my turn to talk I started explaining that I have a good, strong family, I go to chuch, I go to a good school, and me and God are cool. Then I realized that God put me in this wonderful position so that I can worry about someone else's problems, and now I am praying to God constantly to find out where I'm going, because I'll go where ever He sends me. =)

In Christ,

What I (Lory) learned from Kanakuk

Hi, it's Lory. I've enjoyed about 24 hours with Allison since her week at camp ended.

Allison is going to post here in a minute, but I can share what I have learned (so far) from camp:

Allison came back energized, confident, Holy Spirit-glowing, passionate and ready to go. She has shared so many amazing things--I can't believe how much Kanakuk packs into just one week! And all of it seems to have been so intentional on the part of the Father and the Kamp staff!

Allison has talked so much about the concept of "being third." Meaning, God first, others second, self third.

I used to know about being third. I think I used to do a better job of trying to be third. But I have to confess, I'm not so sure how I am doing these days.

I do good things. I do things for others. I do a fair amount of stuff for God. Heck, I'm on staff at church, where I wrangle our nearly 100 small groups... I love God, I love His people, I love my job. I love my family and my friends, and I spend a fair amount of time serving them.

But how much do I do that I don't necessarily want to do? How often do I intentionally humble myself for others? Am I in a rut where I'm "busy for God," but not walking moment-by-moment, hand-in-hand with Him? Because I see a spark and a glow in my daughter today that I'm not positive others would see in me today.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Firsts

So, we have been busy here in Misery, er, Missouri. Each of the girls has has had a different "first!" (Pictures to follow...someday!)

ABBY got twelve inches of hair cut off! Her new hair is cute and easier for her to manage. Her old hair is on its way to Locks of Love. This has been a goal for Abs for awhile, and she's really happy she tolerated her long, thick, blond (poor girl, huh?) hair long enough to let it grow long enough.

AMELIA went swimming for the first time ever today. We are at the snazzy Big Cedar Lodge here in the Ozarks, where she tried her hand (and feet, tummy, head, etc) in the kiddy pool and the lazy river. There are still lots more pools to explore here, but her current preference is the lazy river!

And finally, the reason we find ourselves in Misery, er, Missouri in general, and the Ozarks specifically: ALLISON is at Kanakuk Kamp! There are lots of different Kamps, and Allison is at K-West. She has been to summer camp before, but never Kanakuk...never with kids she doesn't know...never all the way in Missouri. It was sad (for both of us) when I left her there Sunday. But most of the kids don't know anyone else there, and "they" all say it's the best week of a kid's life. Her camp is geared specifically for middle school kids. Since her first year at a public middle school was filled with so many ups and downs for her, she is looking for some help and encouragement as she prepares for 8th grade next year. She is only at camp for a week, but I sure do miss her already!