Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Firsts

So, we have been busy here in Misery, er, Missouri. Each of the girls has has had a different "first!" (Pictures to follow...someday!)

ABBY got twelve inches of hair cut off! Her new hair is cute and easier for her to manage. Her old hair is on its way to Locks of Love. This has been a goal for Abs for awhile, and she's really happy she tolerated her long, thick, blond (poor girl, huh?) hair long enough to let it grow long enough.

AMELIA went swimming for the first time ever today. We are at the snazzy Big Cedar Lodge here in the Ozarks, where she tried her hand (and feet, tummy, head, etc) in the kiddy pool and the lazy river. There are still lots more pools to explore here, but her current preference is the lazy river!

And finally, the reason we find ourselves in Misery, er, Missouri in general, and the Ozarks specifically: ALLISON is at Kanakuk Kamp! There are lots of different Kamps, and Allison is at K-West. She has been to summer camp before, but never Kanakuk...never with kids she doesn't know...never all the way in Missouri. It was sad (for both of us) when I left her there Sunday. But most of the kids don't know anyone else there, and "they" all say it's the best week of a kid's life. Her camp is geared specifically for middle school kids. Since her first year at a public middle school was filled with so many ups and downs for her, she is looking for some help and encouragement as she prepares for 8th grade next year. She is only at camp for a week, but I sure do miss her already!


michelle said...

KANAKUK ROCKS! My kids started going there 3 summers ago. The first year is definately the hardest, my daughter was SAD and did not want me to leave. She made so many friends, her counselors wrote her the entire year, Allison will find the support she is needing. They will get her internal compass pointed to her "TRUE NORTH". Anxious to hear how it went : )

steffany said...

Oh come on...
Missouri's not that bad.
I live here:)

Kari said...

YAYYYYY Kanakuk (did u see my post today:)
Call me & I'd love to connect if we can. I'm sure you are crazy busy in um Misery!!!!! LOL

Jamie Jo said...

I wish I was in Misery with you! :) When you go back to K-West, please give Beth Wiebe (the woman's director) the biggest hug from me! Thanks!

Alison said...

Hi Howletts 5 from Howletts 4 from Singleton in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia