Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm in heaven

I love a good appliance. I mean, I really, truly, absolutely love a good appliance. The BEST GIFT Dave ever gave me (and he gives good gifts--it's his love language) was a Miele vacuum. Mother's Day, 1998.

The Miele died prematurely in 2005. Trying to be a bit more practical, I replaced it with a Riccar. Imagine my thrill, er, dismay, when the Riccar went on life support last week. Generous Dave encouraged, nay, exhorted, nay demanded I check out another Miele. How could I not submit?

So I went straight over to Boulder Sew and Vac, the local purveyor of all things Miele. Believe it or not, the owners of the store are grandparents of a toddler boy adopted from Ethiopia. The boy's family is currently waiting for a baby girl referral from Ethiopia. The owners were happy to meet a little baby girl from Ethiopia (that would be Amelia). They took pictures and skyped their daughter (who lives out of the country). To add crazy to coincidence, it turns out Dave had met this family last year at Target when they passed through Longmont on their way home (to their far-away country) from Ethiopia with their new son.

Given the crazy and coincidental circumstances, how could I not go ahead and get the Miele? It's the Calisto S5280, complete with big power brush. This vacuum really, really sucks. And I mean this in the most positive and glowing way.

Like I said, I just love a good appliance. When I vacuum these days, I really do feel like I am in a dander-free, dust-free, HEPA-certified, nice little vacuum tracks on my carpet....heaven.


the truman's said...

Lory-You crack me up. I love a good vacuum too, but am partial to the Oreck!

Jeni said...

I find myself a little partial to the grandparents who sold you that vacuum!! I hope that we can meet Amelia when we bring our little girl to Longmont! :)