Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I WON!!!!

Another International Adoption Net mom has a beautiful blog called Forever n Ever n Always. (Jill's blog is also listed on the right.)

I have never had the privilege of meeting Jill, but she must be some kind of wonder woman. In addition to mothering (and home schooling!) eight kids, Jill is a fabulous writer, website creator, ministry supporter, adoption lover, generous giver and all-around woman after God's own heart.

(And to think I feel pretty good about myself when we are all basically clean and clothed--ha!)

Every week, Jill's blog offers a "Totally Terrific Tuesday Give-Away." She gives away books, music, jewelry, art, dolls and more.

This week's give-away is a beautiful dress for a baby girl....and I WON!

Here's the dress. It's called a "purple smocked safari dress." Isn't it beautiful? Won't Meelsie look fabulous?

This darling dress is from Ella Marie Boutique. 100% of proceeds from Ella Marie Boutique sales go to Room for One More, an organization that advocates adoption, helps fund adoptions, and supports orphans and orphanages.

How can it be that there are so many wonderful people working so creatively to help children?

In this current climate of fear and problems, I thank God for the breathtaking beauty that is all around us.

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the truman's said...

I saw that you had won on Jill's blog...and yes, that dress is darling! I think that boutique has such cute things and I need to order some for baby Gracie...but you sure can pass down that cute dress when Amelie has outgrown it! Oh, when are we getting together? Let me know what your schedule is like.
Love to you,