Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Being the Bible follower that I am (see Genesis 3:14-16), I HATE SNAKES!

With the weather getting warmer here in Colorado, I have begun my many-times-a-day surveying of the flower beds, yard-around-the-deck and the garden. I am ever-so-vigilant in my searches for snakes. Which doesn't actually make much sense, because when I see one, I am filled with misery and heeby-jeebies, I can hardly stand it. But I don't like to be surprised by a snake, so I always strive to find them first. The good news is, there haven't been any snakes in our yard yet this spring.

(Side story: I had Dave build me a really cool "water feature" near the back door a few years ago. It involved digging and shoveling and leveling and watering and all kinds of effort and carrying on. It was a big job! Unfortunately, given that Boulder County is considered high desert, snakes from near and far flocked to our darn water feature. I couldn't go outside without seeing a snake. Suffice it to say that the water feature was GONE before the last frost the following spring. It's like it was never even there!)

OK, back to today's drama:

As I was driving home this afternoon, Allison called to tell me that Tillie our Wonder Schnauzer had been barking and growling in the back yard. Allison went outside to check the situation, and a BIG goldenish SNAKE that was coiled up in the yard near Tillie our Wonder Schnauzer LUNGED out and BIT TILLIE OUR WONDER SCHNAUZER on the nose!!!!!!

Allison (who has always been a fan of people like Jeff Corwin and other reptile-loving types) calmly took Tillie in the house, then got a bucket and covered the snake with it.

Ryan, who is a neighborhood charmer, I mean a neighborhood snake charmer, came over, and they put the snake into the bucket and called me.

So as I drove home, my mind slithered everywhere: Is Tillie the Wonder Schnauzer breathing? Is she even alive? Is it a golden rattler? (Since we know there are golden eagles in the world, I'm pretty sure there are golden rattlers, too.) How many of its kind are still in the yard? What if Amelia had been the one to find it?

When I got home, Allison the Fearless and Ryan the Valiant unveiled the snake for my viewing displeasure. Since I was expecting to see a snake, and I wasn't surprised to see the snake, I didn't scream at all. (The lack of a scream, actually, brought a couple of neighbors over....they had been bracing themselves for the scream.)

Here are some action shots of the Snake Charmers and the hideousness heinousness that is the snake. (Note: the snake in the following shots is actually FAR BIGGER than it appears in the pictures!)


So sick!!!!

I'm gonna barf!!!!

The nightmares are already comin' on!!!

Why oh why, Eve, did you do it?

As I type, Allison and Ryan are fearlessly and valiantly delivering the snake to the nearby lake. Ewwwwww!!!!

I saw some "snake repellant" at Home Depot the other day. I think I'll be picking some up tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I have followed your families blog since I started my adoption last July. I just have to tell you your snake post my me giggle with that uneasiness of being uncomfortable and having a follow "snaker screamer" around. I love your blog and find your family truely special. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

Lory Howlett said...

Awwwww! I don't think you have a blog(?), because I'd love to follow it, too. Are you going to Ethiopia? Thanks for bein' part of our family! :-)

Jaime said...

Soooo funny!! When we moved to louisiana, i had no idea that finding snakes in our yard (in the city) was anything more than just stories to scare me. the snake repellant does seem to work. we use it right AFTER we mow and sprinkle it around the perimeter of our yard by the fence. that way we don't trap snakes inside the yard. it smells like pee, but it does go away in a few days. good luck!

SDR said...

I HATE snakes (and am not even a bible follower, I just think they're disgusting). Check out this blog post

This woman is a friend of Leah's. I cannot even imagine - I would seriously freak out.

Derek and Betsy said...

I hate snakes!!! We had a lot of them in North Carolina on the lake and I don't miss them...DW

Paula said...

It's a bull snake and it's harmless. I know because I had one in my house last fall. I hope my mom doesn't find her way to your blog and see this comment, because if she does she'll probably never come and visit us again. She doesn't care for snakes much either! Hope your little dog is okay!