Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
What could be better than an Ethiopian welcome, FOVC style?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New School Uniforms for the Children!

Look at these beautiful, smiling FOVC children
in their new school uniforms!

Desalegn wrote on FOVC's blog that the children had been wearing only tattered clothes, and no shoes. What a joy to see that FOVC was able to provide new school uniforms for the children. I cannot imagine how proud a young boy or girl must feel to have a complete, new, clean, matching outfit to wear to school.

Team Tasfa, it's almost time to travel!

Let's go change a little corner of the world!

God, I bless your name today.

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justme said...

Hello Howlett family,
My name is Hannah. This may seem weird because I was just surfing through a bunch of different blogs after writting one of my own and I stumbled on yours. I am so blessed to see other people, not just from my own church, that are so passionate about adoption and orphans. My favorite verse: james 1:27. I sponsor a little girl Megertu from Ethiopia so I am really touched by the fact that your family is going on a mission there. I would love to send you gifts to take but I do not have the money right now. But do know that your family and your ministry will be in my prayers this December. You are setting such a great example for your children on how to be a servant. God Bless you guys!