Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FOVC Child Sponsorship Update! (A Message From Sharon)

Here is the current Sponsorship update from Sharon Bonnett, our child sponsorship director. Sharon is doing amazing work for the kids of FOVC!

If you would like to sponsor an FOVC child, 


Happy 2011 Sponsors!

Team Tasfa arrived home about a week ago from our journey to FOVC. It was a gift to finally meet the FOVC staff and all of the children that you sponsor. So much is happening at FOVC these days...I am going to try to sum up our amazing and life-changing trip with a few highlights:
  • Team Tasfa was greeted by what seemed like the entire community of Shanto, and a special greeting by the FOVC children. They greeted us at the compound with flowers and singing and had special traditional dances that they performed for us.

  • FOVC is currently responsible for caring for 57 orphans and 71 children that attend school there. Every child is provided a uniform, school and 1 meal/day (as well as much love and care from the FOVC staff).

    • I was able to interview almost all of the 128 children and gather social histories and other information that will help us as we continue to develop our sponsorship program.

      • Each child had a complete medical exam by our team doctors.

        • Each child received a Genna (Christmas) backpack compliments of Ethiopian Orphan Relief's donors. They were delighted to receive the backpacks and the gifts inside.

          • I was honored to be able to hand deliver the gifts you had sent along for your sponsored child, along with a hug. Desalegn Daka, FOVC's Executive Director, made a huge deal about each gift that was sent from one of you. Thank you for your generosity.

            • Each girl received a new dress, shirt and underwear (with some set aside for the rest of the school year as needed). Each boy received a new shirt and pants/shorts.
            • Team Tasfa was able to witness the last game of a soccer tournament-what fun and excitement!

              • We watched as the children performed a drama entitled, "How Children Become Orphans"; a true-to-life story of pain, sickness, HIV, AIDS and hunger that many of these children have lived through.
              • Lots of time was spent playing!
              • Some team members were able to visit homes of some of your sponsored children, meet with their families and deliver Genna food. I will send you a specific update if we visited your sponsored child's home.
              I came away from FOVC with a deeply ingrained image in my head of the many children that lined the outside of the fence everyday, wishing that they could be a part of FOVC. As the team looked around the village of Shanto, there was no question which children were FOVC children and which were wishing to be FOVC children. The FOVC children are bright, fed, cared for and thriving...a stark contrast to those outside of FOVC's walls. I say this to encourage you that your sponsorship is making a huge difference; a difference I was able to see with my eyes. But, I also say this to encourage you to please spread the word about FOVC to your family and friends...for the sake of those children still standing at the fence.

              You will be receiving a specific email and updated photos of your sponsored child. I will also be sending via USPS a letter to you from your sponsored child. The children are so excited for you to receive these first letters-they worked so hard on them!

              Be looking for some more information in the weeks to come regarding our new website, payment arrangements and program updates.

              *A business note: Now is the time to send in your donations for the months of December and January (if you have not already done so). $35/month
              Payable to FOVC.

              Seeking the best for the children of Shanto,

              Sharon Bonnett
              FOVC Sponsorship Coordinator

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