Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buena sera from Tuscany!

We are in Siena, which is in Tuscany, tonight....what a beautiful place! (Lisa and David, we already have some recommendations for you.) We stopped in Umbria and visited an incredible town called Orvierto. We purchased a beautiful piece of pottery there, for which Orvierto is famous.

We took something of a three hour tour trying to find our way to and through Siena. (Don-t trust Rick Steves and his guidebook!) Our car journey alternated between "European Vacation II" and some kind of a scary Jason-Bourne-is-driving-an-innocent-family-through-Italy-in-a-rental-car-while-furiously-fleeing-bad-guys kind of scenario. But we finally arrived and spent the afternoon and this evening in the ancient walled city of Siena. And we have even mostly recovered.

Allison is fully better now. She and Abs enjoy careening from gelateria to gelateria!

We tour through Tuscany tomorrow before heading back to Rome. Hopefully we-ll have a chance to post some pictures soon.

We meet Amelia in only five!


SDR said...

How about some pics???

Lisa & David said...

Wow Lory, that sounds amazing. We have been planning our time in Italy and are very happy with what we've found. We will be in Siena as well staying at a Farm Home in the country for 3 nights and then gallivanting around that whole area from that home base.

Then we'll drive 5 hours down past Rome (do that later) to Positano (you know, that colorful hotel area on the hill from the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun"). Positano hotel called Posa Posa that looks incredible ... then up to Rome for 2 days doing the incredible Rome-type things. We'll take suggestions from you anytime.

Yay ... we will have our 20 years anniversary celebration after all. I am so excited. We arrive home on August 18 or 19 where the boys will meet "T" for the first time.

I'm excited for you that in 5 days you meet her...thank you for posting when you can. We live offa this stuff over here!!!


Lisa & David said...

I'm desperate to know "T"s shoe size by the length of her little foot. Could you please tell me the inches? Pleeeease. And if I knew her clothes size better, it would help me pack. But do not stress if you get this late or can't get around to it. I realize there are so many things going on.

I think of y'all every day in Italy and soon Addis ... I bet you are "Woo-Hooing" every day, Lory!!!


gerilynn said...

Dave and Lory,
I love your sense of adventure and your sense of humor!!!!! Your exciting details make me laugh!
Wishing you all the best!!!