Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's a new kit(ten) on the block

IF you were preparing to leave the country for a couple of weeks, and
IF you would be bringing home a new baby, and
IF your house was in an uproar with packing and organizing, and
IF your last name was Howlett--

What would seem a reasonable thing to do in your spare time (ha!)--
You got it, let's get a new kitten!
OK, in our defense, she was actually kind of given to us. And you must admit, she's awfully cute.

So far, she has been named Ivy, Pansy, Posey, Rosie, Buttercup, Violet and Bluebell. (Did I leave any out?) This morning, her name is Rosie Posey. But let's not hold our breath, because I wouldn't be surprised if it changes again.

Our house sitter, Sarah, is rapidly becoming more of an in-house pet-sitter. She'll be coming over this afternoon for hands-on training...

On a less nutty note, we are making progress in our preparations. We added most of the clearance luggage at Marshalls to our collection, and we have packed over one hundred pounds of things to give away. How exciting is that? We'll tackle round two tonight.

Yeah, we're a bit stressed, maybe overwhelmed. But it wouldn't be the House of Howlett if we did things any other way. I did tell Dave that these daughters of ours had better grow up with glowing memories of their FUN childhoods!


Lisa & David said...

Wow ... that kitten is amazingly cute. I can't wait to show Brandon right now. She is sweeeeeeeet!! I want her.

It is all happening Lory. Crazy, but wonderful!


Derek Weber said...

I am so happy for Allison. I like the name Buttercup :) The kitten is very cute.