Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Newest News

Darn! But I wish my new camera was working....I could share so many pictures of our great girls!

Allison is at a new school for eighth grade this year, Westview. Westview is our neighborhood middle school, and so far, we are really impressed! It looks like she will get to start some of the (proud mom alert) "gifted and talented" options in a few weeks. Between school and sports and babysitting and everything else, I'm glad she's organized.

Abby is in her final year of elementary school at Rocky Mountain Christian Academy. Our little (well, big) math-lete is looking forward to some challenging math. She has had her saxophone for two days now, and (proud mom alert) she's already taught herself how to play "Amazing Grace!" Abs wants to swim again this fall. We decided she can swim if she'll please-please-please play basketball this winter--let's make the most of her incredible tall-ness!

And Amelia. Where to start? She's a wild woman. We jokingly call her "our son Amelia" because she is so physical and so busy. She started the Mom's Day Out program at church--just a couple of days a week, so Mom can actually work--and she LOVES it. She's all over the place in that little classroom and (proud mom alert) her teacher says she is the most advanced student. That's our girl! She is a joy to all of us, in every way.

And now for adoption news:

We--that's Dave, me and the big girls--have a decent peace about moving forward with an adoption. Unfortunately, sadly, I'm not sure we are the right family, in the right place, to take on two big boys.

We are currently talking and praying about just one biggish boy. If our current kids will be Amelia = two years old, Abby = eleven years old and Allison = fourteen years old....we like the idea of bringing a son into our family who will be just about in the middle of the two youngest girls.

That would put him at around six or seven when he comes home.

We believe it would be a challenge, and another big change for our family. But do-able, and not too much to ask of our oldest daughters. And yes, we are a family of girls. But our cul-de-sac is a cul-de-sac of boys-boys-boys. And then there's soccer and all those other things boys like to do, right?

Our agency currently has a waiting boy who they estimate to be six years old. So we are communicating with the coordinator and thinking, praying and talking about the possibilities.

(In a crazy turn of events, our coordinator told me today that there is another family that is serious about the two big boys. She's so amazed and thrilled, because apparently it is difficult to place older kids, boys, more than one at the same time. (Sigh.) But, she's also puzzled that no families have inquired about the little six year old yet. In her experience, it's not usually too difficult to find homes for young school-age boys. Maybe nobody has made this boy their son because he is to be our son? Time--and God--will tell...)

I praise God for His goodness to us. May we seek to live, not an easy life, but a called life that pleases Him!


steffany said...

Can't wait to hear more!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it interesting where life ends up taking you? Thinking of you as you hear more about your little boy!

Derek and Betsy said...

Very cool Lory- Do you have pictures of the 6 year old boy yet? It is amazing how God works and how frustrating it can be (as humans) to wait for his timing. I can't wait to hear more. DW

Melissa said...

What an amazing time for your family. We have a son who is 18 months old who we brought home from Ethiopia in December 2008. While we were there we felt called to bring home an older child "next time"...well, we will be bringing our 7ish year old daughter home in December :) God Bless!!!