Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Medical Exam

An IAN traveling family--the dad is a pediatrician, the mom is a nurse--recently came home from a loooooong trip to Ethiopia--check their blog to learn about their extended journey. (They added two babies to their family, so they are now a family of eight kiddos!)

While they were there, Marty and Kendell examined all of the referred children at Sele Enat. Amazing, huh? What a gift!

So we have Little Boy B's most current medical and developmental information. It looks like he is four years old (not five years old). And he is small, wears a size 3T (experience with Amelia tells us he'll catch up!).

He does all the developmental things--hops on one foot, counts, draws, plays ball--that you would expect any little kid to do. And he is healthy. Thank you, God!

The scary part: His caregivers report that he PLAYS HARD. I'm a girl mom! I don't know about this hard-playing stuff!

The sweet part: Kendell reports he will snuggle "till the cows come home."


Jennifer said...

Isn't it great to hear the little details! He sounds like he's going to be a blast! And a little love bug to boot!

Ruthanne said...

Hi Lory! I'm waiting for the other little boy B. :). We are calling him 'Bear'. I think my B might be almost the same size as yours. lol

Anonymous said...

Lory, Have been out of touch for a while but want you to know we are SO SO excited for your latest adoption!! Oh, to go back to Ethiopia again ...