Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

PICTURES!! and Ras Kassa's

Woo-hoo, my camera is finally up and running again.

So, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, starting with the most current:

Some sweet friends took us to Ras Kassa's in Boulder tonight.
Thanks, George, Sarah, T.J. and Grandma Jackie!

Amelia liked our server, and our server liked Amelia!

What she REALLY liked was the little spoon and the little cream pitcher...and using the little spoon to feed herself a little cream!

Feeding it to Daddy was pretty fun, too!

Here we are...minus Allison--what a teenager,
she was at a football game tonight!

I have lots of teeth and we had a great night!


Getting ready for "school"....

Amelia's hair is growing and Mommy can make piggies!

Meelsie's salon is the kitchen counter!


Now, let's travel waaaaay back to the summer! I now (finally) present, "The Summer In Pictures:"

Sprinkler discovery...

This is so super fun!

I'm goin' back for more!

(Random Alert!) Grammy got a six-toed, stub-tailed the Ozarks...while Allison was at Kanakuk. We really did look quite hill-billian, driving around in the Ozarks with a portable litter box and this kitten named Lambert!

Mom and Meels at the IAN picnic.

Pondering the meaning of iced tea.

Sweet sissy love!

All decked out in her swimming gear!

Father's Day at Rocky Mountain National Park.

A lil' more sweet sissy love!



Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh my goodness!! What incredibly beautiful pictures - of incredibly beautiful kids.

michelle said...

Love all the Kodak moments you captured! Thanks for sharing! I love the tid bit about Lambert, I'll be waiting for more info and a Lambert update w/photos soon!