Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A few of our favorite things

Nephew Evan, Cousin River and Grammy came to town last week to take part in our annual trek to Grand Lake. (Dave was at a conference in Michigan for brainiac theologians/academicians.) Grand Lake is just about my favorite place in the it there! (So basically, Dave and I were both in our own little corners of heaven. Just not together. Not that being together would be hell or anything. Just sayin' last week, we had our separate versions of heaven. And that's ok.)

Cousin Riv and Meels at Winter Park.

Sister Abs and her favorite Brother at Winter Park.

These two really do love each other!

The Big Boys of the Park.

A hug along the hike.

All the kids! (What a fun mini-van full....some of the time, at least...)

Every year at Grand Lake, we take a picture of all the kids on this old-fashioned farming thing-y. This year, we had a couple new kids in the group--Cousin Riv and BEREKET!

Abs and Ev.

Abs and Meels in front of our favorite cottages in the world.

La Piece de Resistance: A Moose! Every night, after dinner and before dessert, the tradition is to hop in the mini-van and go moose hunting in the park. This night, we found ELEVEN ELUSIVE MOOSE--a record!

Sister + Brother

Somewhat unrelated photo: Dave's favorite part of Father's Day!

Hittin' the Bowen Trail!

A Mama Bear and a few of the cubs.

A Mama Moose...calves (fawns? moose-lets?) hiding in the brush behind her.


Jennifer said...

That looks like a perfect vacation!

Amelia is getting so big, and Bereket is such a sweet big brother!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Lory! It looks like you had a wonderful time!! The photos are stunningly beautiful!