Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi, Friends!
Things are happenin' with regards to this FOVC trip! Today, I heard from an actual DOCTOR who is very interested in joining us. His wife is a nurse, and she would come, too. This man has experience doing medical missions to Haiti. I just can't believe how valuable it would be to have a physician with us--both for our group and especially for the villagers on Shanto.

We received this email (below) from Desalegn last night.

It looks like this trip is going to happen. Who is with us? I believe if we have hearts to go and serve and help and love and change the world, God will help us work out the details of the finances and logistics. I will be doing my best--for God, for our group, for FOVC, for the children and for Shanto.


(This is a photo of Desalegn with Dave.)

I have a huge thanks to you all on behalf of the poorest children, FOVC’s staff, the community of Shanto and myself. When FOVC wasstarted in August 2006, the only things I had plenty was faith, hope and love and five/six impoverished orphans. But today those three things have become food, clothing, education and medical supply for my children. These all happen due to the help of mighty God and you all. I thank you so many times for these all uncountable things.

Today I am writing this email to you all because I have received anamazing email from Lory (our Promotion, Mobilization and Fundraisingwing Director) which tells that over twenty farenges will going to visit our children, and villagers. It is really miracle for me and my community!

Yesterday I was discussing the issue with my staff and we agreed all the dates considered for the trip are good. However, the first option that is December 25(29), 2010 to January 8(9), 2011 is the best time for our children and community. Because in this time we have our own annual festival on Dec 24/25 (which is called Mother’s Day for our children) and national festival (“Gena” or Ethiopian Christmas) on Jan8/9. I believe it will be three and four fold happiness for my children if that team visits us on this time. But every time which is good for the team and you is good for us.

The other thing what I want to inform you is “What would the team do then?” question: (It is still free and you can moderate it for the convenience of the team and you.)

•Some of the team members can help and train our Finance and Administration workers with accounting and finance skills and help External Auditing of the organization and prepare Annual External Auditing report to the Board.

•The Board members (I think the Board will be fully structured at that time) can have its meeting and evaluate every performance of the organization and forward its comments and prepare future plan for the next year.

•Some members of the team can help us with our orphanage building construction .

•Some can teach the kids and staff English Language and other moral and Environmental Science subjects.

•Some others can help us providing skill trainings for our staff and community members

•And so on.

For the question related with Motel, I will check whether it hasenough rooms for the team or not and forward it to you. I think I have provided you with all the necessary information.

If you have any instruction, comment and etc please let me know it. Thank you once again for the great works for our organization and the children!

With great Regard, Desalegn Daka

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Renee said...

Wow, praise God for the physician and nurse! That was fast!