Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kids Sponsored!

Some FOVC kids have already been matched with sponsors. What are you waiting for? They are all in such desperate need. Since Shanto is in such a remote area of Ethiopia, it is an area that is not served by foreign aid, or by aid organizations or NGO's. These kids are all in such desperate need, and they are depending on us!

Here's a note from Desalegn about the meaning of  "Seeds of Hope:"

Thank you so many million times for giving this great name for our (FOVC's) child sponsorship program. It is really very blessing name.

By the way Seeds of Hope stands for "Yetasfa Zer" in Amharic and it has much blessing meaning. Some times due to heavy drought and lack of regular rain the farmer uses his all seeds for feeding and some clever farmers save a few seeds for sewing (it may not be more than 10 gm, imagine how small it is). Now that small amount of seed which helps to revive again is "Yetasfa Zer"/ Seeds of Hope in our context!

So thank you for this name. You are always great for us!!!

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daningo said...

That is so neat that you guys picked that name and it already has such great meaning to people in Shanto. I sent off my first sponsorship check! Now to convince my husband that sponsoring just one kid isn't enough :)