Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday was a whirlwind day....helping the students work with the Chick-Fil-A cow yesterday morning, then setting up at the restaurant, then back to the school, with the cow, to work with the students again.

The fundraising event succeeded beyond our wildest hopes and prayers. We had hoped to raise $300-$400 to bless the children we will spend time with.

Instead, Westview students and families, and our friends and neighbors all came....and a total of $1000 was raised!

(1-17-10 Update: The final total
has amounted to over $2000.)

We praise God!

We are humbled, and we promise to be good stewards of this gift. We cannot wait to discover what we will do with these gifts.

We could not be more impressed by the students and families at Westview. We understand this is the biggest fundraiser Chick-Fil-A has hosted. We love our school! The group of girls (and one guy) who helped to plan and organize this event were unmatched; these kids were there from the initial planning about a month ago, till we closed Chick-Fil-A down last night--incredible! And all of the families who turned out in droves--amazing!

Thank you, Everyone. Thank you for coming, and for eating, and for giving! Together, we really will be able to change a bit of the world for these precious children.


Dardi said...

Wow, that puts a lump in my throat! What a testimony to the hearts of your community. Yay, God!!!

michelle said...

Yahoo God! Set goals that are doomed to fail w/o divine intervention! God is so faithful!

Debbie said...

God is good! We don't have any connection with the school, but were excited to see that we could help last night! We are just starting the adoption journey and would like to talk with you. Could you please e-mail me at

Jennifer said...

What a great community you have!