Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
What could be better than an Ethiopian welcome, FOVC style?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

May God Bless It

See the email (below) Dave received from a guy he is working with Southern Ethiopia. Don't you see why our hearts love Ethiopia so?

Father God, please use this "chance" encounter for your glory and for these folks' blessing.

We don't know how this will play out, and will or won't happen....but hope we will be open, discerning, obedient...and even fruitful.

Dear Dave,

I am very sorry for being late to respond your email. I was out of the town for sometime and now I am back.

Dear Dave, I really thank you for what you are doing for us. God bless you and your family for everything you are doing for us.

I am eagerly waiting to see you, your beloved one and your son. I hope we will have the best time together getting to know each other and as well as you will learn more about my vision and my community.

As I am a member of Wolaita Zone House of Councils, I can give you full information about the business/economic environment in my area of Ethiopia and what we believe you might do to assist/empower our community in creating economic development in our country.

Regarding to my location, currently I am working this project in Southern Ethiopia, Wolaita Zone, Damot Pullassa Woreda/District. Wolaita Zone is one of 13 Zones in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region/SNNPR/.

Finally I thank you very much for your intention to bring something for me from your country. But as you have no much space, please don’t bring anything for me. However, my staff and I have prepared cultural clothes of Wolaita Zone for you and your wife. I think you will be interested on that. In addition to that our orphans are prepared to well-come you when you arrive to our project area.

Dear, if you are interested I will join you at Bole International Air Port and say welcome (Lory's note: I think this would be an 8 hour journey for him). If you are Ok with my idea please let me know that.

Thank you in advance.

Faithfully yours,

Desalegn Daka

South Ethiopia

Wolaita Soddo

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