Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Monday, January 19, 2009


It's fascinating to watch the inauguration of President Obama and his administration unfold. Not only is it fascinating; more than once, I have found myself choked up as I read about, or watch on TV, the beauty of this fresh start, the hope that so many place in this man.

(Before I continue, I should offer this disclaimer: He wasn't my man, I didn't vote for him. Do I hope he succeeds? Absolutely! Will I do all I can as a citizen and lover of my country? You bet!)

I think soon-to-be President Obama is a good man. A smart man. One who desires to serve our country well. And I'm so extremely thankful--for the very fact that I don't doubt Mr. Obama's integrity. I love that he loves his family. I love that my kids can relate to him because they can relate to his kids. Not that this should matter, but I think I even love that I can relate to him somewhat, because we are in the same decade, age-wise.

One of the reasons I count myself in the "other" political party is because I am pretty conservative, socially and fiscally. I want to believe that people (especially people in the form of The Church) can do things better, with more love and effectiveness, than Government. One of my choked-up moments came this morning, as I watched footage of Mr. Obama painting a shelter for homeless teens. President-Elect Obama has a tremendous opportunity to frame how we look at our world today. I think it's fantastic that he has been so incredibly intentional with his words and deeds. If I am moved, how many thousands...hundreds of thousands...millions of people are similarly moved to do the right thing, to make a difference?

I appreciate, too, the fact that Mr. Obama does not seem to be operating in an overly partisan fashion. I hope, and I'll continue to pray, that he can find common ground, that he can help both of the sides put our country first, as opposed to partisan dogma.

At church yesterday, the fear and anxiety that so many are suffering was nearly palpable to me. Dave heard that approximately 150,000 jobs were lost in the U.S. last week. We know too many people who have been laid off. Many more who are in fear of losing their jobs. Our country is in a pretty scary place right now. So many problems and dangers...far more than one human can take on and fix. So many people are placing so much hope in the new administration.

But still. The hope is refreshing. The hope that people are putting into action is better yet.

Dear God, please bless America. And bless our new President, too.

(Gentle Readers, I welcome any opportunity to dialogue with you as we watch this chapter in our history unfold!)


Lisa and David said...

Very beautifully put. I concur with your emotions and stance. What a year to have adopted an African child and an African descendant for President. It's about time is what I say. Very well put!

Derek and Betsy said...

Well put. I too hope and pray, that he can find common ground and can help both of the sides put our country first...DW

A.O.Cross said...

Obama is a dancer, he can really bust a move. McCain would bust a leg.
Hey Lory,
I've tried to email or blog a couple of times- I really stink on the computer other than work related stuff. I feel like I'm repeating my self. I guess I'll do it again.
I ran across your web page (blog?) and saw you and read about your family. Looks like you have an exiting life. God has an important role in it and it's so nice to here you talk about it. He is really important in my family's lives as well. I have 4 children 12,9,7,4
I would love to here from you. Hopefully I'm not bugging you I'm not sure if you've received other messages that were similar. I would like to here from you.
Aaron Cross

A.O.Cross said...

I did it! I made it on the blog. It's so nice to finally make it on the board. I think I left 3 or 4 messages and they never made it.
But not this time. I'm not sure what I did but it's working. It is so nice to actually see my own words on screen. I am proud. I never was really that smart.
Aaron Cross

Mona said...

I share your conservative affiliation, but found myself glued to the television yesterday. As I wait for my referral for a little girl from Ethiopia, I have great hope for her future in America. I am also happy to know that the White House will be graced with the love and laughter of children. I pray for Mr. Obama and the challenge he has taken on. God Bless America!

Steve and Donna Thrapp said...

How beautifully written. Lori, you should be writing a column.
We have long believed Barack Obama to be far more pragmatic and truly conservative than he's been given credit for, and so far those estimations seem to be correct.
More important, the wonderful change in attitudes occuring now, where others are increasingly seen as fellow souls in this world, will transform life for Amelia, our new adopted granddaughter Sara (of Somali heritage), and millions of others their age.
Most of the rest of the world seems to have a similar opinion. God must be smiling.