Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Monday, July 19, 2010

God Gets Around!

Is anything impossible for God?

Hello Everyone!

God AMAZES me! Read (below) the email we received this weekend.


Our church takes on a mission project every year. We can submit a project proposal for the Mission Service Committee to consider. To be considered I need to put together a proposal and present it at a meeting on August 19th.

Requirements are that the project should have a fund raising goal over $2,000. I need to include the goal of the project, what resources are requested (financial, spiritual, people power, etc) and information about the project plan and the people who will implement the plan.

I looked at your blog and see you have a variety of projects you needed funds for. At this time what is your most important need to help the children?

This is very close to my heart and I would really like to be able to help the children. I gave up a daughter for adoption 35 years ago and she contacted me last year and six months after I met her she and here husband expanded their family to include a beautiful 2 year old boy from Ethiopia.

If you could help me put together a proposal I would appreciate it.

Thank you and God Bless.

Can you believe it? So now, we are hoping to work with this church in Wisconsin...because the emailer found FOVC and our blog online. This open-hearted woman has skills that would be soooooo helpful in Shanto, and she might even join us on our trip! God can use us to show His love to the orphans in Shanto. He can bring our group together in a matter of DAYS! Out of the blue, He can connect us with this church in Wisconsin. Travelers, we are going to see and do and be a part of amazing things!

After all, is anything impossible for God?

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Sharon said...

Very, very cool! I'd love to know where in WI that church is?