Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change for Change Update & What Do They Need?

Allison and Abby are going to set up a Change for Change counter at church this Sunday. We have a cute red bucket, and we are putting together cards that explain what they are doing, and why. Hopefully people will share their pocket change, which will be a joy for the girls as they seek (with such pure hearts!) to serve the children in the orphanages we will visit. May God bless their efforts! We'll keep you posted (pardon the pun).

Another thing the girls have been doing is going to jump rope class. They are learning all kinds of moves! We will take jump ropes to Ethiopia. Even across the language and cultural barriers, we hope Allison and Abby will be able to jump rope with the kids they meet.

People have been asking us what kinds of items they can send to help the children in the orphanages we will visit. According to our adoption agency, the children currently have plenty of clothes, shoes and blankets. Also, people tend to bring supplies for the babies pretty frequently.

It is the older children who are most likely to be overlooked. We would like to take "hair-fixing" supplies and fingernail polish for the girls. Our agency says a family once took matchbox cars, and they were a huge hit. We have a connection in Addis where we can buy children's books in their native language, plus children's Bible story books, and coloring books. We'll be looking for more inspiration as our time to travel gets closer.

The one baby supply that would be greatly appreciated is the kind of formula we were able to send for Amelia. It's made by Enfamil and it's called Enfa-Care. It is specifically made for low birth weight or preemie babies, so it has extra calories and nutrition. It comes in a green can, and we will take the powder formula. I have seen it at Target and Walmart.

There is also a need for rubber pants (the kind toddlers wear over cloth diapers), all kinds of over-the-counter medicines and baby wipes.

If you're reading this and you would like to send any donations, just let us know. We would be honored to carry them over.


Derek Weber said...

Lory- That is a great idea and we would like to send some items with you to help out.

SDR said...

We brought crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, balloons, 3D books & glasses I bought at Target for 99 cents, coloring books, play dough and some other stuff that I'm forgetting. They loved the 3D glasses and the balloons, and the crayons and markers too. I didn't bring enough coloring books so the ones who didn't have them just colored on their arms and legs. Make sure to bring enough coloring books if you bring crayons & markers!!!

Stephen said...

Hi Lory -

We love reading your blog - great idea for keepting everyone updated on your situation re Amelia.

Since Julie's little Charlotte uses cloth diapers, we know all about diaper covers. We found some great buys on brand new ones at at consignment store in Boulder called Childish Things - bought a couple while there in May.

I'm going there soon so I'll see if they will do a price adjustment for a good cause and will leave them at your door. What size? If you go there, it's located behind Target on the south side.

Keep up the good blog.


Lisa & David said...

what a great post. The jump rope idea is fantastic. What a connection the girls will make while they're there.