Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still waiting....

(These are waiting room chairs, and they're not very comfortable!)

We received this message from our adoption agency this morning:

The Court date for Ayitu on Wednesday June 4th was postponed due to power outages at the Ministry. As a result the ministry could not give their opinion on her case yesterday. Hopefully Ayitus case will be rescheduled for today or tomorrow; it may however be next week.

(By the way, they call her "Ayitu." We will call her "Amelia Ayitu.")

So, darn. The waiting continues. We have given birth to a kiddo, domestically adopted a kiddo, lost several babies during pregnancy....but none of these experiences has prepared us for the roller coaster of international adoption. (Even as I complain about the waiting, I realize our journey to Ethiopia has been amazingly fast and smooth.)

So here is a good Scripture for today, from The Message paraphrase:

Why are you in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues? Fix my eyes on God--soon I'll be praising Him. He puts a smile on my face. He's my God. (Psalm 42:5)


SDR said...

Say what??? I can't believe this happened. I am shocked. I know, I know, I'm not helping. I wish I was still there I would go down to the Ministry and get that freakin paperwork myself!!!

Lory Howlett said...

Thanks Shawn! It feels better to have someone feel bad with us---if that makes any sense!

rebecca said...

Hi Howletts -- know that Luke & I are praying for you!! :)

Lisa & David said...

YOu guys are incredibly patient and clearly so in love with this little person. I was wondering how your court date has gone. I too am still "waiting" for my court date. It's been 7 weeks waiting for my court date ... we are all so patient, aren't we? Are we? We are, right? Are we patient?! I'm trying so hard ... Oy Vay!