Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greetings from Grand Lake & Happy Anniversary!

We are over in Grand Lake. It's an annual tradition, to come here with Grammy and Evan every summer. We love it here! We only arrived yesterday, and we have already been out on three (successful!) moose-hunting excursions. We are staying in our favorite cabin again this year. It's very close to the village and the lake. The kids love running down to the park...or the lake...or the "Snack Shack" for various goodies.

It's also our wedding anniversary today. Seventeen years! Dave and I are sitting at a coffee shop right now, comparing "then" and "now."

  • We were thin. Dave had some hair.
  • We were young. We were naive. We were untested. We were clueless.
  • We assumed life would be perfect: 2.3 kids. Golden retriever. Picket fence.


  • One of us isn't thin. But one of us still has hair!
  • We're definitely not young. Nor are we naive or untested. (But we may still be clueless.)
  • Alas, life hasn't been perfect! We have struggled. A lot. But this life has definitely been an adventure. Sometimes it has hurt. But much of the time it has been lovely.

Thanks for the adventure so far!

Happy Anniversary--I love you!

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Derek Weber said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the Then & Now pictures. We can't wait to spend time with your family this weekend.